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  • sam cox

    Hi I purchased storez you all promoted amazon, Ali express, Walmart, and shop.com and only get amazon ali express and shop.com please help purchase and Paypal email is samuelcox821@gmail.com 

    best regard 

  • Maurice Mogane


    This seems to be a good app.

    But I am also missing Ebay,  I cannot join Shop.com am not a US citizen and Amazon refuse to give API Key, API Secret and Associate Tag to newbies until three referrals are made, still waiting for Ali Express to review and approve my application. 

    This is not easy to use for newbies it will make well for experienced affiliate marketers unless there are other affiliate programs that will give API details to newbies.

    Purchase details:

    Jvzoo Receipt # AP-3DY644460H624400F
    PayPal Email:    maurice.mogane@gmail.com

  • edimilson

    por favor me ajudem sou do brasil e nem falo ingles por favor criei uma loja teste mais não funciona sera que é o api do aliexpress alguem pode me ajudar por favor

    api da aliexpress

    API Key

    Tracking Key






  • Hinostro

    I have stayed on the API selection page I can not go from here I have to go to the next level.
      please help me since I do not speak english.

    thank you for understanding

  • Hinostro

    mi correo es hinostro@gmail.com

  • Hinostro

    my email is hinostro@gmail.com

  • Cappy

    So this can only be used with SHOP.com, AliExpress or Amazon Associates? What am i missing here? Are these training videos the latest version? They seem to not jive with what is in the App.

  • Adriano de Paula

    Sou do Brasil. Desejo saber se o sistema funciona para sites com extenção .br


    Trabalho como afiliados de produtos no Brasil, ele funciona somente para redes sociais ou também para outros sites, com extenções .com e .com.br???

  • JeanPierre Wartique

    Hallo ,
    see my order !!!! From today !!!
    Your Purchase Details
    Transaction Id: AP-04U68884EL5069505
    Date: Monday 5th of August 2019 08:10:49 PM
    Product Name: Storez - 30 Store
    Price: $23.50
    Purchaser: info@toptrend24.com
    Seller: Gee Sanghera & Ben Carroll
    Status: Paid
    Affiliate: Igor Burban
    Affiliate ID: 41256

    and see the hier too !!!!

    Access Your Purchase
    Product Name: Storez - 30 Store
    For Support: https://benandgee.com/support/
    Special Instructions from the Seller: Below you will find special instructions and/or access codes for your purchase.
    If you have questions, contact the seller here: https://benandgee.com/support/
    Storez Login Details:

    Email: happygsm@gmx.de
    Password: tHS9yRNqdxLs ----> this login don't play ... Its not possible to go to the Storez - 30 Store

    its already the second time I buy this programm and I never receive something from Storez
    I bought the following products that I never received by
    Appify Group LIMITED
    Storez - 30 Store (1563107267)
    Storez - Unlimited (1563107939)
    Storez - Traffic Deluxe (1563108395)
    Storez - Pro (1563109061)
    Storez - 5 Site - Done For You (1563113060)
    I got a refund !!!! Should I do the same thing with you?
    Thank you for not giving me an alternative ... Nothing like Torez's shop otherwise thank you for refunding me!
    I already bought programs at Igor Burban and I never had problems
    Thanks for a rapid answer
    Best Regards
    Jean-Pierre Wartique

  • JeanPierre Wartique

    Hallo when you answer me , please take the folow E-Mail : happygsm@gmx.de , the other Adresse info@toptrend24.com is not online on the moment

    Tank you and best regards   Jean-Pierre Wartique

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